Thursday, March 12, 2015

Long Shot

I read someone's blog a bit earlier regarding the lousy stats regarding writers landing agents, a subject I've thought long and hard about the last few months. Why, you ask? Because, this fellow writer has some excellent points, many of which I've mulled over, wrestled with, and finally come to grips with, that's why. The road to publishing is not an easy one, and anyone who believes otherwise is fooling themselves, or knows nothing of the publishing world. Even the best of the best have struggled to find an agent, and I'm speaking of JK Rowling and many others. Yes, even the likes of her were turned down by a few agents prior to landing one. All you need is one agent, and if you read the submission page on many agent web sites, there's the caveat that if you've been self published, they don't want you. Therein lies the one and only reason I've not gone that route and I'm continuing down the agent hunting path.

I'm gutting it out folks. I believe in my currently completed novel as well as the one that's underway, even if the odds are not in my favor.  Without sounding arrogant, my talent is in my favor. 

If I don't believe in myself, no agent or publisher will. It has to begin with me and my beta readers.