Saturday, September 10, 2016

Release for first book!

Schedules do change, that's the nature of the business and we adjust. In the interim, we continue to write, right. Right. At least, that's what I do. Case of the Missing Look-Alikes will be coming out either the first or second week of November! I cannot wait! In the interim, I've completed and sent off Case of the Mouse Trap Legend and have begun research on Case of the Misplaced Art.

I have to say Mouse Trap Legend was a blast to both research and write. I'm one of those writers who adores research and interviewing people, even for the tiniest of details. It's the minutia that can make or break a crucial section of a tale, so if it's not correct, someone along the line will discover it and call you on it. So in my opinion, taking the time to dig pays off and besides learning is always fulfilling. Laura and Mike do find themselves in some interesting situations in Mouse Trap, along with a new friend, and it makes for comical interaction coupled with daring international spies attempting to throw them off their real mission.

Misplaced Art is going to be another thrill ride pitting them against art gallery thieves, or shall we say, forgers? Could be a bit of both. I never know what my characters have in store until things unfold.