Sunday, November 9, 2014

I haven't visited my own blog, what's wrong with me?  I've been busy, that's what.  First, I had to vote, and that took forever.  The lines were insanely long, well, they were.  It was very confusing since there were so many offerings: Girl Scout cookies, and we all know how tasty frozen thin mint cookies are :)  This is all before you even get to the voting line.  Then, there's the line for the flu vaccine.  There was also something the poor Boy Scouts were selling, but alas, no line.  Must not have been too appealing. 

I skipped the flu vaccine line, too many people sneezing and coughing.  Seriously, keep your germs at home!  That included the person giving the injections.  Ick!  I'll go to my local pharmacy later on, thank you.  I voted w/o incident, and collected my beloved cookies.

Since then, I've managed to embarrass myself only a few times, and the worst of them was in Church, last week.  I consider writing to be a gift, and love the creative process, and all that goes with it, but why does my muse have to show up while I'm in Church with a great name for a character?  On the surface, it doesn't sound problematic, however, the name struck me as absolutely hysterical. Well, once I get the giggles, it's a tad difficult to stop.  I bit my lip, which made it worse.  I put my hand over my mouth, then the tears began rolling down my face. The person next to me gave me an odd look. I shrugged.  Fortunately, I had to leave my seat to tend to my duties.  Shaking my head, as I walked to the front of the Church, I thought, next time Muse, could you please choose a more opportune time and place to plant a character name on me. Thanks pal!

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