Wednesday, December 17, 2014

 It's official, I ordered my 2015 Writer's Digest Guide to Literary Agents, yesterday. With all of the Holiday shipping, it ought to arrive in the next couple of days, and that's sufficient time for me to get it together in revising my synopsis, go through my query letter, for the umpteenth time, grab my coat and wait for the UPS delivery :)  I'm very excited!

For those of you who missed it last night, the best thing happened on the Internet  at 8 pm EST, and can still be found for your viewing pleasure, if you go to this link:

An awesome group of agents gather to answer your questions, via Twitter, and it's the most fun and informative hour you will spend.  Believe me, it's worth it! They cover a tremendous amount of ground, such as what to put into your query letter vs. a synopsis.  They also address the real meaning of  "we didn't quite connect, but continue looking for an agent," a question posed by me :)  It's an issue a lot of us face, and they're not merely being polite in telling us that.  It's honest encouragement to query on!

Watch! You'll be pleased you did :)

The next airing is January 20th.

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