Friday, January 30, 2015

Agent Quest Rolls On!

The quest for an agent continues, in a relentless manner.  It's not in my genes to quit, nor should it be in anyone's, if you believe in your story. Therein lies the key: If you believe. And believe you must, as this is not an easy business.  If it were, we'd all be published.  Granted, not everyone is a talented writer, and no, I'm not by any means tooting my own horn.  I'm going by what I've been told by my beta readers.  Unless every single one of them is a liar! No, I didn't pay them to read! And, yes they made suggestions, which I took.  I also worked with an editor, who, by the way doesn't particularly care for mysteries.  I did that, purposely, because if I could capture their interest, then I could draw in that audience. As it turned out, they not only liked the book, but it gave them a more objective view of the setting and the characters, something I hadn't considered.

I'm also going by the rejection letters that I'm receiving, and they're positive.  Not one of them has said to quit writing. Quite the opposite.  They've all said to continue on the path of searching for an agent, that I will find one.  And, yes, they've been personalized.  I find that to be highly encouraging, and discouraging at the same time.  It's tough, but I intend to keep going, since it tells me that I will find someone who is the right fit for me. That's what I want, an agent that's in like with this novel and the next as much as I am.

Stay on the query hamster wheel, people! It's worth it!

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