Monday, January 19, 2015

ReadyPac-watch out!

ReadyPac, a lousy lettuce company, based in CA got me extremely ill, last summer. So sick in fact that I had to cancel my trip to CA and spent nearly 2 months in bed both prior to and following my diagnosis, which was duodenitis. This was found by both a colonoscopy and endoscopy performed at Bridgeport Hospital, and was cured by a most boring diet that I remained on steadfastly for 2 months while under the care of several doctors including my primary, an allergist as well as my gastroenterologist. 

Once I finally healed, and my strength came back, I pursued getting the out of pocket money back, mind you, only my co-pay monies.  Yes, I lost some money on the vacation that was postponed, but that was negligible. There were punitive damages, to be sure, and more than enough suffering as duodenitis is incredibly painful, but it was caught in time and I'm not left w/ anything permanent.  I'm not the litigious type; I wasn't raised in that manner.  The co-pay amounted to $678., so I figured Trader Joe's insurance company would work w/ me.  Boy was I wrong!

The name of their company is Bassett Gallagher and they're next to impossible to deal w/.  They never return phone calls and they lie when they say they're going to call the hospital in order to keep them from calling to collect.  I keep impeccable records, you see, of who called and when.  Of when I signed for records release, etc. The individuals from Bridgeport couldn't have been nicer and more understanding, and when it came down to it, they actually gave me a break on the bill.  I paid all of the bills in their entirety, but absolutely no one from the insurance company phoned them on my behalf.  If you say you're going to do something, fine, but please don't lie about it.

The woman who never returned one of my calls finally called to inform me that my claim had been denied.  Gee, thanks. Such a small amount for them, too.  I called ReadyPac to inform them of the decision and then called Trader Joe's headquarters.  Trader Joe's was very disappointed w/ the decision and discussed it w/ ReadyPac who reviewed it, several weeks ago.  In the interim, I reminded them that I would not go after them, legally, but I would use every aspect of social media available to me if they didn't reimburse me my money. I would never complain about this, but when you've three doctors who concur on the diagnosis, and you've two tests to back it up, something is most definitely wrong w/ ReadyPac's decision to not stand behind their product that made me ill. Not only that, they've a history, a rather lengthy one at that of their packaged lettuce causing illnesses nationwide. E-coli being number one on the hit parade, and now duodenitis. Fortunately for me, it was a curable situation, but only b/c I've great doctors who were on top of it immediately.  If not, it can be an illness that you're stuck w/, and if that's the case, it's incredibly debilitating as I can attest to having had it for two months.

What I find totally irresponsible is ReadyPac not standing up and doing the right thing, reimbursing me the monies.  It's a drop in the bucket for them, but not for me.  Part of it went on my credit card and the rest did not.
I hope you share this w/ as many as possible, for several reasons: ReadyPac did not do the right thing, imo, but most importantly, stay away from all kinds of packaged lettuce!
Thanks for listening.

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